3-in-1 Stylish Smartphone Wallet & Wristlet

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Keep your most important possessions all in one place with this 3-in-1 Stylish Smartphone Wallet, Purse & Wristlet! This stunning piece comes in several different colors that is sure to suit any outfit in your wardrobe! You can now fit your mobile phone, cash, cards, receipts and IDs in this super cute purse!


Detachable key chain wristlet addition Features a gold-plated crown detail Side opening to charge your phone 2 credit card slots, 3 pockets A zipper for 2 pockets for extra protection Measures 3.3 x 5.7

Iphone 4/4S/5/5S: Length:14CM Width: 9CM (This is suitable for iphone4s, iphone5,iphone 5s Samsung i9100 and 5-inch phone)

Iphone 6/6S/6Plus:Lenght:17CM Width: 10CM Thickness:2CM(This is suitable for iphone6, iphone6s,iphone 6Plus Samsung galaxy s7 and 6-inch phone)
Made in China