5cm Crystal Ball on Stand

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Crystal ball, diameter 5 cm, with stand Beautiful little crystal ball, with a diameter of 5 cm, supplied with standard, very suitable for original decoration in your home or office, also nice as a gift! Because of the small diameter, 5 cm, this crystal ball adapts in a discreet manner in your interior. By placing it in strategic places where the light falls on it, it can nevertheless be a striking decorative object, despite its small size. The crystal ball will appear to have a different colour all the time, depending on the light that falls on it. The crystal ball is also called the "mirror of the Hindu", the purity of crystal provides beautiful reflections, captures the light and the shadows. Therefore, if you use the crystal ball to predict the future, it is recommended to use the ball in a dimly lit room. Indeed, this crystal ball with a diameter of 5 cm can also be used for divination. The crystal ball is said to represent images from the subconscious.