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Abalone shell - large | abalone shell | smudging w abalone shell | abalone shell for cleansing ritual. The pearl bearing abalone shell has been part of the native ritual tradition for centuries. Place the shell near you to feel the calmness and serenity in your body. Bring stability in your emotions when going through stressful phases. Feel enlightened when you rid of any toxic energy that interferes with your inner spirit. During your cleansing session, take deep breathes while burning the sage to negate the unwanted energies from your mind and soul. Origin: Mexico part of sacred native tradition, the abalone shell used as a smudge bowl is used in spiritual ceremonies as a container in which to allow braided sweetgrass to smolder. Other native medicinal ingredients, like sage and cedar can also be added to the abalone shell, enabling one to burn multiple sacred medicines at one time. Approx 5-5.5".