Abundance Crystal Intention Candle 8oz

Wicked Intentions Gifts LLC

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This candle is packed full of magic and intentions for bringing abundance to your life. Our minds are very powerful and we create our reality. Light this candle and envision what you want to bring in, be very specific about what you want and imagine what it feels like to have it, what it looks like and what your life looks like with it. Manifest it all. This candle is the perfect addition to your abundance, money and prosperity rituals. 💚💚💚💚 In each candle: ⭐️1 Green Aventurine. ⭐️1 Citrine Crystal. ⭐️1 Pyrite (Fool's Gold) Crystal. ⭐️Dried orange Lily leaves. ⭐️Dried rosemary herbs. ⭐️Ground Cinnamon. ⭐️Infused with 888hz frequency music while setting up. The frequency of abundance. ⭐️All the crystals were charged under the full moon. ⭐️Cleansed with Palo Santos. ⭐️Candle is made with soy wax ⭐️8oz Glass Jar. ⭐️Fragrance: Lavender ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS-VEGAN QR code on lid for info on crystals in the candle!