Courage Crystal Intention Candle 8oz

Wicked Intentions Gifts LLC

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This candle is all about courage, inner strength and inner power. We combined crystals, herbs and flowers with those properties to help encourage you to get through the trials you are facing. Big or small. This candle can help you muster up the energy needed for whatever you are facing. We also infused the wax with 528 hertz frequency while it was setting up so that it releases love as you burn it. All the crystals were charged under the full moon and the candle was blessed with love and saged. Pure candle magic. <3 In this candle: ⭐1 Red Tigers Eye stone. ⭐1 Sodalite stone. ⭐1 Green Moss Agate stone. ⭐Thyme herbs. ⭐Butterfly Pea Flowers ⭐Garnet and Malachite Gemstone sand to top it off. <3 ⭐Frankincense and Myrrh ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS-VEGAN QR code on lid for info on crystals in the candle!