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Crystal | Spiritual | Spell Candle | Wicca | Pagan | Flameless Candle | Fearless Strength Courage Moon NEXT DAY SHIPPING (Next Business Day) London Luxury Candles Fearless SOY Intention Candle with Crystal Infused. Eucalyptus Fragrance with a Carmelian Crystal. Our intention or manifestation tin candles works with your intent. Carmelian helps with strength and courage. Hand poured, soy wax, luxury fragrance oils, long burn time. Red Moon - Red helps your ability to feel calm, safe, and provides the feelings to remain calm and secure. Carmelian Crystal - Is well known for being a stone of courage, endurance, leadership, energy and motivation. Star - Has always been known for spiritually connected with the divine principle. It is used for higher spiritual enlightening. TINS Size: 8 oz tins, holds 7 oz of wax 3" W x 2" H" Wax: 100% Soy Wax Luxury Fragrance Oil Burn Time: 40+ Hours Wick: 100% Cotton (Zinc & Lead Free) USA Made