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Curl up with a book and fresh cup of coffee with the currently reading candle. Scents of book pages, coffee and cotton.

Candle size: 9oz jar

Wick type cotton

Burn time: 50-60 hours

Wax color: tan/parchment

Weight: 16 oz Diameter: 2.86" and 3.5" height

Storage Recommendations: Soy wax candles can be very sensitive to temperature and light. Storage is recommended with lid on, away from direct sunlight or any heating/AC vents and should not be stored in temperatures greater than 80-81 degrees F. All Novelly Yours candles contain a UV inhibitor to help prevent sun fade in dyed candles and yellowing in non-dyed (white) candles but slight discoloration my occur if candles are exposed to sunlight over extended periods of time. Frosting (white speckles) may occur if the candles undergo extreme or frequent temperature changes. This is perfectly normal of soy wax but it may affect the aesthetic.
Made in United States of America