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Awaken Your Sacred Feminine Self and Reclaim the Fierce, Vibrant Goddess You Are. You hold an awesome power within—the power to heal, transform, love, and live the kind of joyful life that grabs hold of the soul and never lets go. That power has been under your nose, literally, this whole time. Rhoda Jordan Shapiro guides you on an inspiring journey toward knowing, loving, and celebrating your body.

Magic Within features rituals, affirmations, meditations, journaling, and breathwork that can help you heal and connect to your womb. These practices can bolster every aspect of your life, from money and career to wellness and spiritual fulfillment. Even if you don't have a womb, this book offers ways to align with its energy and manifest your desires. When you connect to your inner power, you can love and express your own unique magic without any constraints or hesitations.