Moon Ritual Crystal Intention Candle 8oz

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Beautiful Handmade Moon Ritual Candles. The Moon is all about releasing and letting go. We go through our phases and each new phase we have the opportunity to release what is no longer serving us. These candles are perfect to light on the full moon while your writing down all the things your letting go of. Sit with your candle. Bring in your intentions and meditate on it the warm glow of all the magic this candle has packed into it. What is in this candle: ⭐Dried Jasmin flowers. ⭐Comfrey herbs. ⭐1 Moonstone. ⭐2 Clear Quarts. ⭐We infused these candles with 528hz frequency music while they set up. The frequency of love. ⭐We poured the intention and mantras of love, releasing, letting go and healing into them. ⭐Each candle was cleansed with Palo Santos and left to charge under the full moon. ⭐Also made with soy ⭐Fragrance: Moon Flower Nectar ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS-VEGAN QR code on lid for info on crystals on the candle!