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Mild and pleasant tasting. Combine with other herbs to enhance the flavor of tea blends.

Great Mullein is a member of the figwort family that is native to Eurasia and naturalized in North America and Australia. Because the plant is noted for its velvety leaves, it is often called Velvet Dock or Velvet Plant.

The herb is also known as Candlestick because the ancient Romans made a torch by dipping the long, flower stems in tallow and lighting them. The dried leaf is used to make tea and, in combination with other herbs and spices, is also used to make incense.

Mullein, also called Great Mullein, is a tall-growing biennial in the figwort family that is distributed throughout Europe, Australia, Asia, North Africa and the Americas. It's a common sight in late summer in open pastures and along roadways in the eastern US, often finding a perch between rocks and in gravel. The plant is easy to recognize—the fuzzy leaves emerge from a center rosette to form a stalk several feet high, from which bright yellow, slipper-like flowers appear.

While the flowers are typically infused in oil or used to produce a natural dye, the collective aerial parts of the plant are tinctured, infused or prepared as tea. Mullein also makes an excellent cosmetic herb because it contains astringent and emollient compounds.

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Infuse in oil for use in soaps, salves, ointments and liniments.
culinary Use in teas, alone or with other herbs.
aromatic Include the dried herb in incense blends.
safety Don’t take large amounts or use this herb long-term. Mullein contains glycyrrhizin compounds.