New Moon - Let it Grow Astro Magic Boxed Candle with Booklet

Coventry Creations

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Align yourself with the New Moon to open up new possibilities and create with big magic. The ground is fertile at the new moon. Use the New Moon candle to help you plant the seeds of intention and magic you will reap by the full moon. The included companion booklet is the guide to customizing the New Moon candle's magic in the astrology sign it is in for an experience tailored just for you. Blessing / Invocation: Dearest, darkest moon, grant me the ability to make things grow in my life. Nurture my soul and body so I am strong enough to nurture others and expand my loving presence in this world. Package - 2 x 8 - Contains candle with blessing and companion booklet Candle Size: 1.5 x 7 Booklet: 12 pages Burn Time: 40 Hours Color: Midnight grey Scent: Honeysuckle Rose Handmade in Ferndale, MI