Protection Crystal Intention Candle 8oz

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Hand poured Soy protection candles. These are perfect for helping clear negative energy, protecting you from negative energy and attracting in light! There is a lot going on in the world right now and with it comes a lot of negativity. This candle will help you clear it and protect your space, aura and spirit. Each candle has: ⭐️1 black tourmaline crystal. ⭐️1 grey agate crystal. ⭐️1 hematite crystal. ⭐️All crystals were charged under the full moon. ⭐️Infused with Nettles herbs. ⭐️Infused with Patchouli herbs. ⭐️Infused with St. John's Wort herbs. ⭐️Infused with Hyssop herbs. ⭐️Infused with 417hz frequency, the frequency of clearing negative energy. Played while candle was setting. ⭐️Palo Santos was used in cleansing its energy when completed. ⭐️Made of soy wax which is environmentally friendly and burns and lasts longer. ⭐️8oz candle in a Glass Jar. ⭐️Fragrance: Rosemary and Sage ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS-VEGAN QR code on lid for info on crystals in the candle!