Seven Chakra Candles


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The Seven Chakra’s Candles are all carefully chosen with seven amazing scents, all of which will aid you on your chakra awakening journey. Our beautiful candles can be used in your yoga practice, meditation, for Chakra healing or simply as an eye-catching decoration in your home. The seven candles are made with different blends of oils, colours, scents, and represent each individual chakra to help guide any blockages in each chakra energy. The candles are sold as a single item not a set of all seven. Materials: Container: is made of glass; Candle wax made from soybeans and essential oils. Burning time: Approximately 15 hours Weight: Approx 250g Size of glass container: height 9cm, width 6cm, diameter 6cm Features 100% Vegan, Planet Friendly Products Great gift Soy wax candles and premium oils with cotton wick Burning time: 15 hours Reusable glass container - after the candle has been completely used, the cute jar can be used as a decorative storage container.