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The earliest reference to Wormwood is in the Ebers papyrus, which was obtained in 1873. It is a powerful apotropaic herb, which means that it protects from evil. Legend holds that Wormwood planted around your garden will keep pests and snakes away. It can be used for boundary magick and is burned in incense designed to aid in developing psychic powers and can also be worn for this reason as well. Carry it with you to protect you from bewitchment, and even the bite of sea serpents. 

For protection against accidents, wormwood can be carried with you in a magical sachet or bag.  It can also be utilized in retribution spells and spells that return damaging magic to its source. It's used to summon spirits when combined with mugwort and burnt. It was also put on doorways to keep plagues at bay. As the smoke may be unpleasant to the eyes and throat, as well as harmful if breathed, make sure the space is sufficiently aired. It is also claimed to help in the exorcism of ghosts. Wormwood is thought to have grown from the serpent's path as it left the Garden of Eden.

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